Sergente Romano: on reclaiming the South (not as History of a Fatherland, but as song of belonging to the Motherland)

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Originally published in Italian on Crapula and part of the thematic stream Figli di Annibale.

Sergente Romano is the title of Marco Cardetta’s literary debut (in Italian). More than just a story, this work affords a mystical and moving journey: one that would benefit both anyone who is curious about the possibilities of the Southern Italian ‘meridionalista‘ movement, as well as readers who are in search of an original meditation on history – as collective and polysemic experience, prior to the fixation of an accepted storyline as History. Read more

Calling the Southern Question into question

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This article belongs to the Figli di Annibale stream, and was co-authored with Giovanni Travaglino.

Whenever the topic of the «Southern Question» is introduced, a patient is already lying ready on the couch: the «sick man» being the Italian Mezziogiorno, plagued by social backwardness and weighing down on the development of the rest of the country with its criminal legacy. A diagnosis of this tenor is usually a precondition for summoning hordes of experts to craft possible treatments, in the hope that they will work. To call into question the «Southern Question» Read more