Innovating in the South: new forms of co-operation as practices of active citizenship (Part One)

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Employment, volunteer work and gift have been the theme of a two-day «Forum on the gift» (Forum del dono, in the original Italian); organised by an interdisciplinary society – the research group «A piene mani: dono e beni comuni» (literally With Hands Full: Gift and the Commons) – of the «Federico II» University of Naples. Read more

Let the Show Begin: Performing the Commons

On the 2nd and 3rd of December, 2011, the International University College of Turin hosted (along with the Department of Economics “S. Cognetti de Martiis” of the University of Turin) an International workshop on a Draft European Charter of the Commons. The workshop brought together economists, philosophers, social theorists, lawyers and activists to discuss the proposal for a European Charter of the Commons to be presented to the EU Commission as a European Citizens’ Initiative (for those that are unfamiliar with ECIs, these are proposals which EU citizens may present to the Commission, requesting the latter to propose a given legal act that is deemed necessary for the implementation of the European Treaties). Read more

Water no get enemy!

Finally, a post that allows me to show my appreciation for Nigeria’s very own Fela Kuti!
More than on the elegant groove of his afrobeat, however, it is the closing message of the song’s catchy chorus I want to focus on here: “Water, him no get enemy! … If you fight am, unless you wan die” [Water has no enemies! … Don’t fight it, unless you want to die].
These were precisely the words that came to my mind as I watched the French documentary “Water Makes Money”, a powerful j’accuse against the use of public-private partnerships in the management and distribution of drinking water. Read more

Fun-sized revolution: the Barracks Lane Community Garden

I recently found myself in Oxford, UK, and had the opportunity to receive a guided tour of the Barracks Lane community garden, a community garden located just off the Cowley Road, Oxford’s multi-cultural district.

This was an experience that struck me profoundly, as it afforded me with a welcome diversion from the experience of Great Britain that I got from recent visits to Glasgow, a city with a vast display of scars from an industrialisation that is no more. Read more