I approach the practice of sociology as a labour of love, not as mere work of the intellect. Alan Dawe’s blurb to Making Sense Together: An Introduction to Wild Sociology (London: Heinemann, 1975) expresses the difference between the two better than I ever could:

Modern sociology suffers nothing and celebrates nothing. It suppresses the great commonplaces of love ad hate, joy and grief, time and place, care and concern. It suppresses the social world. It is to the suffering and the celebration that [wild sociology] addresses its care. And it is to the suffering and the celebration that it also asks sociology [as a discipline] to re-address its care; not to dominate, to legislate for or to disembowel the lives which constitute its world, but to pay its due to those lives, to converse with them, to commune with them, to respect them, to show proper humility before them. To recollect the suffering silenced by professional science. To help create the human community, not to destroy it by prematurely defining its completion.

What, then, is sociology, if not a quality of listening that flourishes on the earth of attentiveness, care and celebration?
To nurture this flower is what I understand to be my work.

In recent years, my research has taken shape as an attempt to practice timely and revealing observation, so that what I say or do may provide a better footing for navigating – from within – the collective form(s) of life people bring into being together. How to describe them, while remaining in the midst of their live unfolding, and not give in to the temptation to look at them, as closed products, from the outside? This is the crux of my investigation.

Whilst my Ph.D. sought to do this in relation to the Transition Towns movement in the UK, I am currently trying to find my way into the shifting constellation that is the meridionalista movement in the South of Italy.

Over the years, I have obtained funding to further my research from the following sources:
  • Mario Ravà Memorial Research Prize ~ Mario Ravà Foundation
  • Felice Gianani Memorial Prize ~ Felice Gianani Foundation
  • Donato Menichella Memorial Scholarship ~ Bank of Italy
  • “Master dei Talenti della Società Civile” Research Fellowship ~ CRT Foundation & Giovanni Goria Foundation
  • Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship ~ Rotary Foundation
  • Corso Bovio Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Students ~ Bocconi University & Siniscalchi Law Firm

Below is a list of my published works by year of publication, with links to the full text when available.

  • Ecolaw Now! Towards a Generative Understanding of Legal Culture, from Law-as-Pillar to Law-as-Tree, 4 Contention: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest [forthcoming]
  • Dilemmatic Moments and Collective Future-Making: Imagining Turin After a Fiat-Chrysler Merger?, 9(1) Culture, Society & Praxis [article 2]
  • L’Economista Mistico: E’ Possibile un’Economia Spirituale? [The Mystic Economist: Is a Spiritual Economy Possible?], 53(311) Il Tetto 26
  • ‘A Legge d”o Munno – Three Sketches on Spatial Justice, 16(1) Global Jurist 1
Earlier scholarship
  • Cooperation Before Contract: The Law and Policy of Expenses Incurred During Negotiations in Comparative Perspective, Lake Mary, FL: Vandeplas Publishing
  • Introduction, in Law & Globalization (edited by Bocconi School of Law Student-Edited Papers), Saarbrücken: VDM Publishing (co-authored with M. Mattioni)
  • Substance or Mere Technique? A Precis on Good Faith Performance in England, France and Germany, 5(1) Hanse Law Review 21
  • A Tiny Heart Beating: Student-Edited Legal Periodicals in Good Ol’ Europe, 10(7) German Law Journal 1128 (co-authored with Federico Longobardi)
  • Fairness in Contractual Relations: An Economic-Oriented Understanding of Good Faith Performance, in Fiduciary Obligations: Legal Perspectives (edited by R. Gavvala), Hyderabad: Amicus Books
  • Can Good Faith Performance Be Unfair? An Economic Framework for Understanding the Problem, 29(3) Whittier Law Review 595
  • Chronicles of a Failure: From a Renegotiation Clause to Arbitration of Transnational Contracts, 24(1) Connecticut Journal of International Law 77
  • Offerte Pubbliche di Acquisto: L’Attuazione della Direttiva n. 2004/25/CE da Parte del Legislatore Delegato [Takeover Bids: The Implementation of EC Directive No. 2004/25 by the Italian Government], 7(1) (with Marco Dell’Antonia)
  • Implicit Premises: Structure of the Law and Extralegal Formant in Italy, ILSU Working Paper No. 2008-05/IT (co-authored with Matteo Mattioni).
  • General Motors v. Chery: A Judicial Lesson for Legal Operators in China, 8(1) Wake Forest Intellectual Property Law Journal 39 (co-authored with Oliver Mirsch)
  • Economic Analysis of Article 28 EC After the Keck Judgment, 7(5) German Law Journal 479
  • The Rough Contract: Default Rules and Pareto-Efficient Equilibria in the Market of Inputs, 12 Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin
I regularly contribute to academic dialogue by delivering talks, and taking part to conferences and workshops. Below is a list of the events I was a part of by year.

  • Transition and Imagination, UCL Global Citizenship Summer School on Sustainable Cities, University College London, Jun 8
  • Finanziarizzazione del Cibo & Transizione e Movimenti Sociali [Financialisation of Food & Transition and Social Movements], Centro Studi per lo Sviluppo Rurale [Research Centre for Rural Development], Università della Calabria, May 13
  • Taking Food Sovereignty Seriously, Heterodox Approaches to Global Ecological, Economic, Legal, Political and Social Challenges, International University College of Turin, Jan 11
  • The cultural construction of the commons: the Transition Town experience, Discussion: A New Strategy for the Commons, Terra Madre Giovani Milan, October 4
  • La finanziarizzazione del cibo e le sue conseguenze [The financialization of food and its consequences], Cibo e finanza: dalla speculazione senza regole a una nuova architettura [Food and finance: from speculation without rules to a new architecture], Roundtable, EXPO Milan, June 8
  • Book presentations for Everything Gardens and Other Stories: Growing Transition Culture
    • St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, London, July 1
    • Methodist Church (organised by the University of Plymouth Press), Totnes, May 27
    • Centre for Ecological Learning, ErwuesseBildung, Luxembourg, May 11
  • Accompanying Transition ‘From Within’: From Policy to Phenomenology, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, May 21
  • An Invitation to the Phenomenology of Transition, Essex Sustainability Institute, University of Essex, May 14
  • Festival delle Idee Politiche [Festival of Political Ideas], Pozzuoli (Italy), April 24-26 (invited speaker)
  • A Minsky Meal: On Speculation, Food and Calculation, The Crisis: Scholarship, Policies, Conflicts and Alternatives,2014 IIPPE Annual Conference, Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”, September 16-18
  • On Food, Calculation and Regulation, Guest Lecture, ICMA Centre for Financial Markets, Henley Business School, University of Reading, May 7
  • Stories, Transition and the Sacred in Ecological Social Movements, Climate Change, Sustainability and an Ethics of an Open Future, 50th Societas Ethica Annual Conference, Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg, Aug 22-25
  • Hungry Capital: The Financialisation of Food, PEL Seminar Series, International University College of Turin, May 7
  • OTC Trading and Hunger, Shadow Banking: A European Perspective, Cass Business School, Feb. 1-2
  • Hungry Capital: The Financialisation of the Food Economy
    • Department of Economics, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, September 11
    • Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, September 4
    • School of Liberal Studies, Ambedkar University, Delhi, September 3
  • The Leviathan of Food and Finance: The Financialised Food Economy, 4th Critical Finance Studies Conference, University of Essex, August 15-17
  • Cynicism and Guilt in International Law After Rwanda, Law and Boundaries, Sciences Po Law School, Paris, March 28-29
  • International Workshop on the European Charter of the Commons, International University College of Turin, Dec 2-3 (invited discussant)
  • The Evil Technology Hypothesis: A Radical Ecological Reading of International Law, Critical Legal Conference 2011, University of Wales Aberystwyth, September 10
  • Autonomy and Authenticity: Common Sense in the Age of Consumer Capitalism, Public Lecture Series, Caledonian Business School, Glasgow Caledonian University, June 8
  • Autonomy and Authenticity: The Battle for Common Sense in the Age of Consumer Capitalism, Contested Spaces: Identity, Religion, Resistance, International University College of Turin, Apr 31