I am a researcher and writer, currently based in Italy. The final leg of my academic education has been in sociology, although my way there unfolded in twists and turns, across a range of different subjects. To streamline this meandering path into a unifying narrative always felt somewhat precarious … could it not be, instead, that this very expectation – whereby inquiry ought to fit neatly into a straightforward curriculum – is a moot in the first place? I certainly feel more at home in the founding vision of the Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti (Peloritan Academy of the Precarious), a learned society established in 1792 at the University of Messina; its founding statement describing better than I ever could, what it means to be on a lifelong journey of inquiry.

A helmsman standing precarious on deck, whilst at sea between Scylla and Charybdis, will nonetheless appear prudent and astute if he can hold the course of his ship between one and the other – dodging the cliffs of the former and the whirlpools of the latter – so as to land it in the port he set out to reach. In similar fashion, the scholar fares precariously amidst challenges and hardships. And yet, he will be worthy of praise and glory should he manage to hold the course of his mind and reason amidst those, sailing past all manner of impediments and squabbles, so as to come home to the Truth of which he is a seeker.

This is my academic curriculum in bulletpoint form:
  • Visiting Lecturer
    International University College of Turin ~ 2016
  • Ph.D. in Sociology
    University of Exeter ~ 2015
  • Research Associate
    City Political Economy Research Centre ~ 2012-14
  • Visiting Lecturer
    Dep’t of International Politics, City University London ~ 2012-14
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Economics for Transition (with distinction)
    Schumacher College, University of Plymouth ~ 2013
  • Research Associate
    Institute for the study of Political Economy and Law, IUC Turin ~ 2011-12
  • MSc in Comparative Law, Economics and Finance (with distinction)
    International University College of Turin ~ 2012
  • MA in Global Political Economy (with distinction)
    City University London ~ 2012
  • Graduate Certificate in Mathematics
    University of Essex ~ 2010
  • Magister Juris
    University of Oxford ~ 2009
  • Dottore Magistrale in Law (cum laude)
    Bocconi University ~ 2009
  • Dottore in Legal Studies (cum laude)
    Bocconi University ~ 2007

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