Ignore the global elites and their Davos spectacle

Originally published on The Conversation on January 22, 2014.

I once had a friend who worked as a lobbyist. Our meetings gave me a sense that I was before the representative of a strange, migratory tribe. This tribe clusters around centres of power (Washington, Brussels, London), dresses a certain way, talks a certain way, uses a language drawn from newspapers that write a certain way and is honed at universities that function a certain way. Read more

The Dehumanising Impact of Immigration Policy

Originally published on Shifting Grounds on January 10, 2014

In an interview with the Guardian, the home secretary Theresa May defines an ‘illegal’ immigrant as someone that has ‘no right to be in the UK’. Denying someone the ‘right to be in the UK’ may mean two things. It is, first of all, a denial of the right of entry (to be in the UK) to people variously defined as ‘outsiders’, despite any affinity or relationship that may be drawing them to these shores. On a more disturbing level, however, it also means – for someone that actually finds him or herself on these islands – the denial of the right to be. Read more