Where next …

On July 28, I will be bringing some Commons Sense to a roundtable (in Italian) on cooperatives as a way to organise socio-economic activity, which will draw together several exponents from noteworthy initiatives in the area surrounding my hometown, Cuneo. If you are interested to come along, feel free to e-mail me at lrussi [at] lrning [dot] info, as I might be able to give you a lift.

Oh, the roundtable will take place in Valloriate (as part of the Campeggio Resistente) a small village in the Maritime Alps (pictured left) … I know, it looks tongue-in-cheek-ingly inhospitable, but someone had to do it.

The World Economics Association: what it is, how to join.

I’m just providing a brief update to “publicise” the newborn World Economics Association. I have been following the movement of heterodox economics for a few years now, and – before I continue – I had better provide a short explanation of what I mean by heterodox economics. In a very general sense, heterodox economics is the stream where a particular group of economists and other social scientists like to swim, and which is characterised by engagement in a wide ranging critique of economics, as typically understood to be a science, revealing natural rules of human behaviour (to the point of branding them theorems or laws) through the use of mathematical formalisation, for the purpose of social engineering. Read more

The best conference you’ll ever attend

Will be one where the location of the conference is what gives it soul and character,  where formal debate is interspersed with artistic performance that gives a different – yet relevant and meaningful – take on things, where you don’t just listen, but you participate with feeling,  as you sense the chords of your own story being struck in what we Italians like to call “amarcord”, and where you are occasionally so touched that tears press against your eyelids. This is a short description of my experience at the Festival to the Return to Abandoned Places, which I have attended this weekend. Read more